What platform should I choose for my Performance Management – On-Premise or SuccessFactors?

Author: Elize Maass.

For many clients it’s difficult to choose whether to implement Performance Management on SAP on-premise or move to the cloud with SAP SuccessFactors (SF). To help you with this important decision, I answered some of the most important questions usually asked by clients.


After working your way through the questions you might still not know whether to go with on-Premise or SF as there are multiple factors to take into account. To make this decision easier, I’ve highlighted the most important functionalities that both platforms provide. Use the images below to determine whether each functionality is important to your organisation going forward.

Goal Management

The term goals refer to the goals that are populated on your Performance Document and on your Goal Plan (in SF). The image below highlights the differences between the two platforms.


Performance Management

This section includes all major functionalities of both platforms.

Performance Form


Performance Features


Implementation and Upgrades



This section will cover any additional items that were not addressed in the above images.



I hope that I could shed some light on this important decision and that you now have a better understanding of what functionalities both platforms provide. I am excited that the cloud solution is so agile, that it makes provision for changes in how companies use performance management.

The main point that you should remember is – change is sometimes good and it’s not always about what you currently have, but whether the system is agile to grow and meet your changing company needs.

Do you feel it is safer to stay with what you know or are you willing to adapt new technologies?


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