Mandela Day, Food for Thought


Food for Thought

ERP can provide an orphan or vulnerable child with a monthly supply of ePap (fortified porridge) for the cost of about R60.00 – the approximate price of a muffin and a cup of coffee in an average restaurant.

The EPI-USE Talent Management team would like to make a difference! We are offering 6 muffins for the same amount to be freshly baked and delivered to you on EPI-USE Friday – 7 July 2017, at the EPI-USE office, in a variety of delicious flavors. On Mandela Day another 150 Muffins will be for sold at (and outside of) the EPI-USE Offices. All the proceeds will go to the ePap campaign.

The beneficiaries of our initiative will be the Orphan After Care Centre at Dinokeng Game Reserve, where the ERP team is involved already and the P.E.A.C.E. Foundation distributes the food.

We are aiming at raising R10 000, which will feed these kids for about 6 months.

Please place your order below. You can make an EFT payment, or pay in cash at any of the Talent Team Consultants. Distribute this message to friends and family and place orders on their behalf as well. It will make a real and tangible difference to these children.

An order of 6 Muffins feeds a child for a month!

Using “muffins” as your reference, make your payment to:

EPI-USE Africa (Pty) Ltd


Branch code 632005

Account number 4062877726

And send proof of Payment to:


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