Great features are included in the new SuccessExpress release

EPI-USE recently released a product called SuccessExpress. It is based on SAP SuccessFactors (SF) platform but is a pre-configured solution for the Performance and Succession Management modules. Refer to the press release for more information:

Before continuing please view the animation below. If you can relate to the various challenges of performance and succession management discussed, you should consider SuccessExpress as a solution.

Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 1.13.35 PM

In my opinion one of the benefits that makes this product so unique, besides the short implementation time, is that it is aligned with the quarterly releases done by SF. By implementing SuccessExpress for your talent modules, you will automatically receive the latest trendy features. This product can also be used just to start your journey to the cloud as it includes the platform features as well as permissions for all other SuccessFactors modules.

I want to take some time to highlight the new features that are included and also mention other features that have been upgraded to add value to the product. The image below provides a high level overview of these upgraded features.

Performance Management

Succession Management

Image1One of the most prominent features is Continuous Performance Management. This new feature can be used together with the normal performance management review document or on its own, as it allows the employee and manager to have regular one-on-one discussions throughout the year. They can also easily monitor activities, add topics to discuss or even provide coaching. For more information, please refer to this article:

Another feature that is also important is the Objective Execution. This includes the new Objective Plan functionality and also an Execution Map, Status Report and Meeting Agenda. This tool enables the employee and manager to have a quick view of the overall objective status and alignment. The Objective Plan indicates if there are any activities linked to an objective from the Continuous Performance Management discussions.

The new Presentations feature update in Succession Management allows you to view archived presentations as well as presentations that were deleted. The overall folder layout has improved greatly since the previous release.

If you are interested in more detail about this product and the upgrades, please use the Contact page.


Looking at the overall theme and design that is being adopted, for example the Home page and Continuous Performance Management, I expect a couple of exciting changes in the coming releases with new features becoming available.

We are very excited to be part of this new era and will definitely incorporate all of these changes in our SuccessExpress solution and the best part is that you will automatically receive these updates.

Do you think that SuccessExpress might be an attractive solution to use as baseline in moving to the cloud?


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