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Can learning initiatives improve sales figures?

Author: Irene le Roux.

In my interaction with learning divisions in South Africa, I found that a large percentage of training is aimed at satisfying legal compliance requirements. I seldom find programs specifically designed to increase sales, yet a well-designed training program has been proven to do just that – improve sales figures.

SAP recently received the 2016 Bersin by Deloitte WhatWorks Award for a training initiative that had a huge positive financial impact on the company.

When SAP conducted an analysis of customer views, it became evident that clients felt that SAP sales executives did not understand their business, were transaction–oriented and did not serve as trusted advisors. SAP’s sales leaders implemented a new model called insight-based selling and a customised sales leadership program “Coaching to the Challenger” was rolled out. This program is currently run in 22 countries, with nearly 1,000 sales managers trained worldwide.

SAP believes that the Coaching to the Challenger program had an impact of more than €184.

This is a great report to read and shows clearly how a well-designed program can have an enormous impact on sales figures.

The detail can be found in the research report by David Mallon: The WhatWorks Awards 2016: Lessons from the Best, complimentary available at:

If you need help with the design of your learning program to improve your sales, you are most welcome to contact us.


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